Equity Concepts

Integrity, Honesty, and Experience

“In February of 2008 I had the opportunity to purchase

the home where I was residing. At a time

when it is very difficult to obtain a mortgage I called

Ok Hardin. Within two and a half weeks we were

sitting at a settlement table. I now own my home.

The service provided by Mrs. Hardin and her staff

was great. I now save over $250 a month in payments

that have been paid off.

Working with Mrs. Hardin was a pleasant experience

and will continue to refer her to all my clients.


Patsy Brasure, Owner / Broker of Freedom Realty

of Salisbury

“Working with Mrs. Hardin and the mortgage company

was excellent. I prayed in 2007 to be debt

free before the end of the year. By August I was

Debt-free. Mrs. Ok Hardin’s workmanship, character,

and honesty explains it all. When you first meet

her she would let you know in the beginning, she

would do everything to help you from the beginning

to end. With the help of  Mrs. Ok Hardin I saved

about $1000 every month. My family and I thank

her for everything.”

Barthine Sells

My past experience with Ok Hardin at Dynamic Capital Mortgage was absolutely phenomenal. I found her to be honest, loyal, precise, and very informative. It was an honor to have such perfection!

Cassandra W. Stanley

Dynamic Capital mortgage is a superb company. I have had several mortgages over the years, and no process has ever been as smooth as working with Ok Hardin. She is a top notch professional and knows her business inside out. When we got ready to refinance our home there was no question as to what company we would be dealing with, Dynamic Capital Mortgage. I will gladly recommend my colleagues, members of my church and friends to use this company.  The thing that most impresses me with any company is their integrity. Ok Hardin and Dynamic Capital personify integrity.

Lorenza Ricardo Meekins, D., Min.


Home ownership was a long awaited goal for me. In the beginning, I was not confident about being able to obtain financing for a hoe purchase. My credit was in terrible shape. I was a full-time college student working part-time, and a 41 year old single parent of my granddaughter. I had tried some home ownership programs. One in particular led me to believe I could be a home owner but could never seem to deliver what they presented in their “sales pitch”. That fruitless adventure lasted two years. I once even went through the whole paperwork process with a mortgage company. The finance company pulled out on settlement day and the loan office didn’t even have the decency to tell me I was refused after I had spent what little money I had on appraisals and such. To make a bad situation worse, the incident happened at Christmas time of 2006, leaving me no money for me to give to my 6 year old granddaughter. Distraught and giving up on my dreams to ever become a home owner, I felt I had begun to lose hope.

A few weeks later, I received a phone call from a friend giving me a phone number to get in contact with Mrs. Ok Hardin, a sales manager of a local finance company. From the first encounter, Ok had assured me not to give up and if I was willing to follow what she was advising me to do, she would make me a home owner. With her help over the next few weeks, my devastating circumstance had turned around into a GLORIOUS success! I had gone from struggling with rent at Christmas 2006 to home ownership by the second day of February 2007.

Ok made a personal investment into assisting me in getting financing when others have turned me away because of my financial condition. She took the time to find me options to choose from when others would not even return my calls. She was sincere and trustworthy when others were superficial and dishonest, showing only concern for what they could gain out of the deal. Mrs. Ok Hardin, along with her highly effective support staff, conducts business with the highest integrity and will go the extra mile so that customers get the best financing package most suitable for their home ownership needs… I’d bet my home on it!

Marla D. Walker, Addiction Counselor,

Salisbury, MD